In a world where angry is the new happy, and yelling loud enough and lying long enough are the tactics used to resolve disputes, families might want to consider mediation techniques as a sane and sensible way to deal with conflict.

Mediation has long been used in the workplace and in divorce proceedings for conflict resolution. It’s a method that circumvents anger and emotion in conflict situations with attention given to respect for both sides in the dispute. The emphasis is on good communication, clear language and critical thinking skills. Both sides in a dispute get a voice, resolutions are considered, and both sides agree on the solution.

Those same techniques can be applied in family disagreements. Mediation usually requires a third party but in a family setting clear communication and language skills can be applied to reduce stress and resolve disputes. Mediation’s objective is to resolve conflicts fairly and equitably.

During my career in education I trained student mediators and the benefits were many both for the school and for their own personal development. It gave them an understanding of the many facets of conflict, power and …read more

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Sports

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