An iceberg is seen near L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland in this undated handout photo.

GRIQUET, N.L. — Jamie Ellison’s botanical tour of northern Newfoundland provided a whole different kind of nature lesson when he looked out to a local bay and saw an iceberg with a distinctly masculine flourish.

The Nova Scotia-based horticulture instructor and 10 tour companions stood slack-jawed on the shoreline in Griquet as they took in the impressive ice formation and its clear phallic protuberance.

He says their quiet awe quickly turned to giggles, while prompting some “rude comments” as they came up with a name for the soaring structure.

“So someone threw out ‘penis-berg,'” he said with a laugh from Hubbards, N.S., on Monday. “We all had a good chuckle and were laughing and just thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, this is very phallic.’ We actually didn’t expect to see quite what we saw!”

Ellison, who also runs Green Optics photography, says he and his mates were heading to coffee when they spotted the iceberg in a little bay in the area and decided to stop to get a closer look. He said it was one of many icebergs that would show up on a daily basis along that coastline, where he and the group of largely American botanists were studying Newfoundland’s alpine flora.

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Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Sports

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