If you are of a certain age and a certain disposition, you remember Roller Derby. And if you remember it, odds are you recall it fondly.

What wasn’t to like? Two teams, divided into men’s and women’s squads. Ten skaters at a time slamming and banging one another as they circled a banked track. Blocks, jams, sucker punches, cheap shots and penalty boxes. A kick to the stomach. A chair banged over an unsuspecting head.

If that resonates with you, then you won’t be surprised that Roller Derby and the American Red Cross are teaming up for the fourth consecutive summer in a series of blood drives. Roller Derby, blood. If you’re of a certain age, the pairing makes all the sense in the world.

“What people don’t realize, Roller Derby is bigger now than ever,” said Sonoma’s Jerry Seltzer, whose father Leo founded Roller Derby in 1935. “There are 1,967 leagues, over a dozen in the Bay Area. Primarily women and on a flat track. All amateurs paying their own way. That’s how the blood drive came out of it. I’m the only living Roller Derby promoter, and in the 1980s I served on the Bay Area board of the American …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Sports

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