If you think the Vancouver Canucks, who kicked off training camp Wednesday at Rogers Arena, are going to make the playoffs this season, you’re safely in the minority.

If you think the Canucks should try to make the playoffs this season, you might be in the minority there as well.

Canucks fans find themselves in a strange position these days. Recent history shows that the best way to go from bottom to the top is to lose, often for several years, collecting all sorts of high-end talent at the draft in the process. Then, when you have enough talent and the time is right, kick things into high gear and coast on the strength of your fresh, young core.

Instant Cup.

To that end, many Canucks fans (hardly all, but certainly the loudest ones online) have, over the past few years, begun cheering against the club, hoping short-term failure will beget long-term success.

Honestly, it’s not a very fun way to follow the team. Expecting the Canucks to lose strips all the joy from the occasional instances when they don’t. Why do that? Joy is nice. Hockey is meant to be enjoyed. Stop trying to disenjoy it.

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Source:: Vancouver Sun – Sports

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