Rumors of an Earl Thomas trade have been swirling all season – spurred, in part, by Thomas’ brief visit outside the Cowboys’ locker room last season and contract comments at the Pro Bowl – but those rumors gained more traction Friday afternoon with the Cowboys’ decision to release veteran wide receiver Dez Bryant Friday.

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Releasing Bryant cleared $8.5 million in cap space for Dallas, which would hypothetically make room for Thomas’ $8.5 million cap hit. It’s a theory proposed by 710 ESPN Seattle’s John Clayton, who said he thinks the odds of an Earl Thomas trade have dramatically increased.

“The fact that they did this today gives me now – I’ve been saying now all along that there’s probably five or 10 percent chance that they would trade Earl Thomas. I think this now takes it to 50 percent,” Clayton said. “I think this really increases the chances of an Earl Thomas trade.

“And here’s the reason I say that: I go back to the beginning of the offseason, I went through all the free safeties in the league, who’s theirs who’s not, and we know that Arizona is pretty much looking for one now that they’ve let Tyrann Mathieu go. But you know the Seahawks aren’t trading him to a division team, so I take that option out. And Mathieu goes to another team desparate for free safeties in Houston. So you’ve got a couple other teams involved, but it really came down to one team, and that’s the Dallas Cowboys. The team that Earl Thomas went over to at the end of the game and yelled for Jason Garrett to come get him at some point. And so now …read more

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