I sincerely believed, following my Nov. 28 meeting with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, that he would have at least recognized the devastating human cost of certain flaws in Canada’s current gun control law, and that in spite of his evasive answers and dispassionate commitment regarding the scope and strength of the upcoming new measures, he would have enough empathy towards victims’ families to change something in relation to tragedies committed with legal firearms.

However, there is NOTHING in Bill C-71 that would have changed anything in connection with the violent and preventable death of my son, police officer Thierry LeRoux.

Which flaws am I talking about? Those that allow individuals to legally possess guns despite the fact that authorities are aware of violent or suicidal behaviour, as in the case of the man who killed my son.

Indeed, the police had had many interactions with Mr. Anthony Raymond Papatie. They confiscated his weapons barely five months before the tragic date of Feb. 13, 2016.

But the current law only requires authorities to consider a relatively limited list of very serious risk factors, apart from the most severe crimes. There is nothing in the law that mandates judges or firearms officers to prevent access to guns to those who display one or more of these factors.

Is the Liberal party so afraid of the gun lobby that it prefers to maintain a system that costs the lives of innocent citizens?

So despite Papatie’s violent and suicidal past, it was Thierry himself, on the orders of his superiors, who had to return his guns to him, including the one that ended up killing him.

How can anyone not see a problem with this completely legal situation? Does the government really think that maintaining the status quo is in the public’s interest?

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Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Sports


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